Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Wrap Up (That Was a Gift Pun)

Friday round-up and Laura time (I know you're excited):

Happy entire month of American holiday! First, a gift to me--the winner of the waffle iron usage contest is Rick Daley, with his braille printing press iron. Genius, sir. I know Eric has already given you a list of presents you can give to others, but in case you need even more gifts, I'm here to help. Do you need 105 ways to give a book? Or the 10 best cookbooks of 2009? I know, I know, the book of the year can be such a boring construct,but, you know, deal. Or at least buy this book on how to regift.

Now, are you worried about age appropriateness of books? Taken care of. Are you worried that it's unethnical for the Washington Post to shunt you to Amazon with all of their book links? Well, yea, that's kind of worrisome. And you might have to buy books at the library. And maybe Cornel West isn't the golden god we all take him to be.

While we're busting up dreams, try this on for size: the Brontes are only getting their due because of your friend and mine, Twilight (I know, I know, deep breaths). It turns out their lives are Twilight. Also check out this great video review of New Moon, from a dude who liked the books, and then figure out: what's next?

Whatever's next, I hope it's not by a ghostwriter, because that shiz gets complicated. And I'm tired of complicated. Let's move on to the less complicated: this history of romance covers (which I would love to visit but have to ask, why do we still use the clinch?). And my gym believes in my ability to write a novel and get ripped--at the same time. Well, I'm off to buff up and simultaneously be the next Dan Brown. Until next week (or until later this afternoon at Combreviations)!


  1. Re: the Brontes... does this mean that, if my novel gets published, it will inspire new interest in Hemingway, since that's my main character's favorite writer?

    I'm probably not even playing in the same demographic, am I?

  2. I'm a cookbook addict, so thanks for the link.

    Liked Cornel West's love life. A little bit scary.

  3. Hey guys, Just so you know, I gave the My Life is Twilight link to my husband who works extensively with computers. He found out it's a phishing site through some digging once you put your comment through. The evidence is all on public record. I feel kind of bad for these people, anyway can we spread the word so little teen's don't get there computers ripped into?

  4. For a year, I've been trying to sell a romance I bill as "Jane Eyre with better sex", with no takers. Perhaps I should start submitting it again, now that gothic is back in fashion.