Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Empire Expands

A few months ago, I mentioned the possibility of expanding PMN to Facebook and Twitter. Well, meine Freunde, that day has come! You are now free to follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, and whatever else it is we kids are supposed to be doing on the Internet these days.

The blog will still be updating five days a week, and while some of that content will be duplicated on Twitter and Facebook, there will also be a fair amount of unique content on both (particularly Twitter, where I will probably rant in a much less coherent fashion than is the norm here). Not everything on the blog will be on Twitter/Facebook, and vice versa. There's also a distinct possibility that Twitter or FB content will appear on weekends, though I can guarantee that weekend posts won't be showing up on PMN proper (unless I get an intern or a butler or something).

Without further ado: the link to my Twitter account is here, and the Facebook page is here. Both are very much works in progress, so expect them to be streamlined and aesthetically improved with various widgets, &c over the coming days and weeks. Of course, all recommendations and advice are welcome in the comments.

To the Blogotwitterbookosphere!


  1. Just tweeted you a welcome message. Love your blog so YAY! for joining the Twitterverse.


  2. You forgot the "doom" tag on this one. But "perils of the internet" is nice. As is "what was I thinking", since I was JUST ABOUT TO ASK YOU THAT.

    Oh, I just realized! "I may or may not know things" is a new one. You rock, E. Just saying. You are the ultimate master o' witty tags.

    But don't tell Laura I said that. Or Le R. Please.

  3. You jumped onto a sinking ship. Facebook has been tightening the noose around its own throat for the past six months. If I hadn't reconnected with so many distant family members, I would already be gone. Once there's a suitable alternative (Diaspora, maybe, when it rolls out), I'll look into a permanent move.

  4. Eric, congrats on 70+ followers in two hours. It's also the Rachelle Gardner effect.

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