Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prithee, Inform Me: Again!

Reminder: the deadline for guest post submissions is 11:59 pm tonight!

It's that time of year, cats & kittens. Tell me what you'd like to learn more about: the nitty-gritty of co-op, the lead title phenomenon, covers, market share, &c. Anything and everything is fair game.

To the comments!


  1. how much pimping should i do to get my unknown name "out there" before i submit my queries? do i really need to create a (yet another) blog about Being A Writer or be known as An Expert on my fictional topic for an agent to decide i'm marketable?

  2. I'd like to hear about the factors Sales takes into considration when commenting on titles and covers.

  3. Okay, when is the decision generally made that a title will be a lead title? Before the ARCs are out and reviews are garnered?

    What besides amount of money invested in the advance might determine whether a book is a lead title?

    Would a movie option sold to a major and well establish studio or production company be reason for a publisher to invest more in marketing/sales/publicity for a title... even though the movie won't possibly be made until the book has been out a year or more... if at all?

    What can I do to encourage my publisher to bump up the marketing resources (just a little)... anything?

  4. Oh, gosh. I'm kind of obsessed with learning about co-op right now. And also the process wherein print run is determined. And lead title information is fascinating. And and and!

    Love this blog so much. Keep on keepin' on.

  5. I'd like to know about ongoing marketing, once a book is out there and launched, down the track. What kind of profile do I have to keep up to keep my book being read?


  6. Privacy. How can any writer, big or small protect it and still sell books?

    No, this is not a trick question. I'm hoping for a thoughtful, helpful answer.

  7. I see writers putting excerpts of their books on their blogs... How much of that is OK from a publisher's perspective? I'm wondering when this borders on "self publishing"? (Aren't all blogs self publishing? j/k. Seriously, though about the excerpt part. Is this even your area?)

    Thanks for all the helpful posts!

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