Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleep Deprivation Round Up

Friday round-up with Laura:

Morning, friends and foes. I went to the Harry Potter midnight show (because I'm a mature adult, thank you very much), and so the round-up is going to be lackluster. How is this different from the usual? I have no idea!

Speaking of HPotts, check out these insane Potter fan moments. There's a great (but kind of spoilery, so maybe wait on this) interview with the Harry Potter screenplay adapter too. If you want J.K. Rowling status fame, you should sign up with James Frey and the Sorcerer's Writer Sweatshop. Or you can be part of an academic writing sweatshop, and write papers so poor, illiterate folks can get degrees they don't deserve.

Is your day too literate so far? Behold, leaked pages from Sarah Palin's book! She's either pissed about the leak, trolling for more media attention, or some combo of the both. Guess which one I'm leaning toward. I bet her next book is published by Chelsea Handler's imprint, which totally exists now. Maybe it'll be accompanied by Dan Rather's new book? Or a modern translation of the Talmud? These all seem like things Handler would be interested in.

Well, friends and foes, I'm off to caffeinate heavily and try to be functional post-Potter. Or maybe I'm off to read about literary puns. It's a 50/50 shot. Until next week!


  1. I like that it was you that followed Harry down that midnight movie rabbit hole.

    I'll be jumping in later in the week.

    Cheers!...(Teri Potter ;p)

  2. I have been mainlining caffeine all week and it's no longer effective. Tragic, that.