Friday, February 4, 2011

Round Up Like an Egyptian

Yet another Friday round up with Laura:

I know you're all keeping up with the protests in Cairo, friends and foes, because you are active and aware citizens of the world. And if you're not, probably Google it. It's kind of important. While you're at it, you can check out translations of Tahrir Square dispatches, or read books about uprisings and revolts. You can't go to the Cairo book fair, as it's canceled, and you'll have to wait for ElBaradei's memoir, but you can read from this reading list for the Egypt crisis and appreciate the Egyptian youths protecting the libraries.

In other and much less world-shaking news, Jimmy Carter is being sued for not being absolutely right all of the time, and Tyler Perry is going to play Alex Cross, because he is absolutely right. All of the time. Jane Lynch is writing a memoir and James Franco is teaching a college course on James Franco. I kind of love him of late, not gonna lie. I also love the joy of indefinite numbers and these Random House staffers with crushes.

Chris McDougall, whose book I loved, gave a TED lecture about running. He did not, alas, contribute to these doodles by famous authors. Perhaps all this doodling is all a way of avoiding using Twitter as a public writing exercise, or Twittering backlist to the top of the lists.

Perhaps most importantly, everyone's talking about their favorite swears, to which I say: WTF (which, as my dad tells me, means "Where's the fries?" The lack of fries explains the emphatic nature of the exclamation, or so I hear). So read your college books, worry about Apple's stance on apps, and start your Kindle singles. Until next week!


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I need it when clearly the world has gone mad. Oh, wait, that's nothing new. WTF James Franco and the people suing Jimmy Carter need to do an across the world fry run to atone for their errant ways.

  2. Haha Never though of WTF meaning "Where's the fries". I shall educate my friends on this.

  3. gotta keep a sense of humor. Watching history channel keeps me updated and in a reality check with the battles and revolutions from the beginning of time. Some things just never change. I like your dad's WTF - and the answer to that is?