Friday, March 18, 2011

Round Up: The Ideas of March

Friday round up with Laura:

Happy St. Patty's Hangover day, folks (or, for the true drinkers, happy regular Friday, I guess). Last week we discussed the state of American iconic fantasy characters and, while depressing, it turns out discussions are fun! So this week: it turns out The Very Hungry Caterpillar is being used to fight obesity. But what books are we using to fight childhood drug use? I vote for The Little Engine That Could (But Chose Not To). Suggestions in the comments, por favor.

In other news, James Frey is self-publishing a book about hipster Jesus. My note about this was "yawn," but I think I'll elaborate. One: a disruptive take on a religious figure? Won't somebody think of the children? Two: James Frey, aren't you running a writer sweatshop? I'd really prefer you stick to that, please, instead of trying to be controversial. And three: yawn. I'd rather go with this Ides of March reading list, or watch movies from the most adapted authors, or stare into space and imagine I'm watching this video. While we're on the grump train, WTF was this assisterati thing? Did anyone else vomit in his or her mouth? Repeatedly? Oh, wait, I forgot that everyone who works in publishing is a) an editorial person (except for almost everyone) and b) is working with literary fiction (except for almost everyone). (Zing! — E)

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Let's see...Ice-T and his wife Coco have novel deals. Bomb ass awesome, folks. There's also this great interview with the guys adapting A Game of Thrones, and Stephen King is both taking on time travel and supporting unions. What a guy, that Steve. I bet he watched these ten videos about creativity.

That's it from me folks. Check out these exciting April fiction events, think about your way of writing, and I'll see you next week.


  1. Paddys Day, please
    St Patty's Day is for the patron saint of McDonalds.

  2. According to the One True God, Wikipedia, both are acceptable:


  3. As a teacher, my go-to book for combatting childhood drug abuse has always been Puff, the Inwardly-Depressed Dragon.

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  5. My 100 percent Irish friends (I'm 25 percent) refer to St. Patrick's Day as "amateur night." they also point out that the "timeless Irish ballad " "Oh Danny Boy" was actually written in 1910 by an English lawyer. Sometimes you can be right and still be a spoilsport.