Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday is the New Friday

Saturday round up with Laura:

So, yea, it's a little late. My bad, friends and foes. But, as a consolation, the first twelves minutes of HBO's A Game of Thrones is online. Please feel free to ignore the rest of this round up and watch, because it's way worth it. Winter is coming, folks. Winter is coming!

If you can't really justify a quarter hour of watching awesomeness, you can check out this New Yorker profile of George R.R. Martin. If you have a subscription. Which I don't. But it could be great? Martin sure makes it hard to read his stuff, although he's not the worst offender. There's also this new J.J. Abrams book deal, which should be awesome, some wonderful Tina Fey on her book, and, oh hey, a Harry Potter exhibition in NY.

But seriously. Watch the Game of Thrones clip. All I have left is the probation of the pedophile guide writer, the profane version of From Here to Eternity, and instructions for disposing of holy books without pissing anyone off. Oh, and of course, the Stephen King and John Mellencamp musical. It makes sense if you don't think too hard.

So enjoy your weekend—maybe find love in a book store, or have a literary smackdown. Until next week!

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  1. Yesterday I thought it was Saturday and today I thought it was Sunday. But tomorrow, I'll think it should be Monday and it won't be, so that's good.
    :-) Melissa