Friday, October 23, 2009

Round Up From the Ground Up

It's Friday, so Eric is out, Laura is in, and (o joy! O rapture!) it's time for a weekly round up.

Way back last week I had a crisis of conscience. Am I spending too much time on the Internet? Should I take an Internet hiatus? Am I potentially a crazy who cannot function face-to-face with sensible people? I decided no, probably not, and irrelevant, respectively. But I'm still not writing a round up today.

Instead, you guys are going to round up for me (what, no, this is not a gimmick because I procrastinated all week, how dare you accuse me, etc. etc.)!

I realized that I'm not spending too much time on the Internet—I might be spending too little, as I still have time to sleep. But I haven't updated my Google Reader (my tiny baby Jesus who blesses me with e-gifts) in a while, and I'm probably missing some good publishing blogs out there. So, I ask you: which blogs should I be reading? And what were your favorite publishing stories this week?

I'll incorporate the blogs and news you leave in the comments in a round up that will go up Saturday morning that you can read with your brunch-type shenanigans. Also feel free to leave comments about round up construction—would you prefer more links about industry news? About writing? About being a writer? About new (and old) sweet books and reviews of said books? I may not listen, since the Internet has stolen my social skills, but you never know.

Also, last week's contest to come up with a celebrity to endorse a book was won by bingol, who has Roman Polanski pimping Lolita. In a word: ha!

Welcome to Crazy Go Nuts University in the comments.


  1. I am composed entirely of win! Here are a few links:

    A Youtube: V. funny!
    Two writing posts from blogs: Street Performers, Self Editing

    And the reason I chose Lolita, a link that someone dropped in the comments here, I think: Twisted Genius

  2. Aside from Nathan's blog which is indispensable to me as a new writer, I love the Querytracker blog. Their Publishing Pulse is posted on Fridays and is packed with great info - they also have a hilarious link today by Kit Whitfield on how query letters are akin to dating. Oh, and Literary Rambles has an Agent Spotlight every week that is wonderful for those who write juvenile fiction.

    I love the industry news part of this blog as I'm trying to learn the business end of the writing world. There are many blogs out there that tackle the challenges of writing, but this is one of the only ones I've found that address the business part. Thanks and Happy Friday!

  3. I'm not sure how many people actually visit this site, but I love Inkwell Bookstore's posts. They regularly post relevant and humorous news about books, publishing, and independent bookstores.

  4. I don't see this one on your list...

    A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

  5. I dunno...I read so many of them my brain is filled to capacity.

    Seriously speaking: Querytracker is the big muscle on the block(g).

    Oh well....back to reading.

  6. Yes of course you spend too much time online, don't we all? Contemporary writers that is. Case in point:
    I've posted so many entries on that blog about my IAP (Internet Addiction Problem) I don't know if I'm coming or going.

  7. Love QueryTracker! Also - Storyfix. It's fantastic.

  8. Try Anna's "A Novel Idea":

  9. Is That a Vook You're Screading or Are You Just Kindling?

    by Richard Curtis, literary agent, NYC

    While neuroscientists and child development specialists have been
    delving into the psychology of reading e-books and vooks (see The
    Medium Is The Screen, But The Message is Distraction), a blogger named
    Danny Bloom has occupied himself with the nomenclature.

    Plain old "reading" simply doesn't seem to cover the various acts
    necessary to experience a multimedia vook that we have to click,
    scroll, screen, watch, listen to, and - yes - read. So Bloom, who has
    been aggregating on his blog a great deal of cogent information and
    articles about e-books, has proposed the word "Screading", combining
    screening and reading.

    We buy it completely, and from now on, "Screading" it will be.

    Bloom also brought to my attention that "Kindle" is now a verb. It may
    be a while before "Nook" achieves verb status, however.


    E-books, Reading, Screading, Vooks

  10. I look forward to the day that 'getting a little nookie' means 'reading a short story.'

  11. Try "World's Strongest Librarian"

    "Flogging the Quill"

    "Write it Sideways"

    "Et in Arcadia Ego"

    And I agree, Storyfix is a must!

  12. I love Lee Lofland The Grave Yard Shift for all matters police and information. He is very personable.

  13. In addition to the blogs you've already listed, I love Betsey Lerner's blog ( informative and hilarious), YA Highway ( a must-read for YA authors), the insanely talented Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents ( with content and commentary on queries that hooked agents), and Miss Snark's First Victim ( tons of great advice and the phenomenal monthly Secret Agent contests).

    And I love this blog's content. Wouldn't change a thing.

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