Monday, January 4, 2010

Out With the Aughts, In With the Teens

Christmas turkey: consumed, tenth anniversary of the apocalypse: celebrated, and now our regularly scheduled programming: back in full force. Thanks again to our three guest posters from last month, and I hope you all had enjoyable holiday breaks!

I figured I'd ease back into the publishing biz with today's post (it is, after all, the first Monday of the new year), partly because I don't trust myself to write a thoughtful and engaging industry-related post so early in said new year (I'm still accidentally writing "2001" on all my checks), but mostly because I am distracted by 1.) all the cool toys I got last week and 2.) the mounting feeling of dread associated with coming back to an overflowing inbox at Ye Olde Publishinge House. Therefore, I present to you my resolutions for the new year and humbly request that you do the same in the comments:

1. Read all the books on the Modern Library Best 100 Novels list that I haven't already read. (Ambition level on a scale of 1 to 10: 7.)

2. Get back to exercising regularly. (Ambition level: 5.)

3. Drink more wine (hopefully learning something about it in the process) so I can make a cool bulletin board out of all the corks. (Ambition level: 3.)

4. Make good on my threat of buying myself an Xbox 360. (Ambition level: 2.)

5. Finish the Current Novels-in-Progress—yes, sirs and madams, I am a noveliste as well! (Ambition level: 12.)

What about you?


  1. Interesting top 100 lists. I'm surprised at all the L. Ron Hubbard entries on the Reader's List.

    Here are my New Year's Resolutions:

    - To see at least one of my books with a contract for publication. I'd like to say "get published" but with the speed at which the publishing industry moves I think it will be 2011 before anything hits the shelves.

    - To write every day. Must be part of a novel, blogging doesn't count. So far so good.

    - To post to this blog at least once a week. I like the irony in have a weekly Daley rant. I might shoot for Monday as my regular posting day.

    - To do good work for my day job

    - To not take for granted all that life has afforded me thus far, and to meet any challenges head on and come out on top. (NOTE: does anyone else hear the theme music from Rocky right now?)

  2. Love your ambition levels, at least your honest. Good luck to you!

  3. I like your ambition levels. They're amusing. :)

    I kept my ambition levels below five, mostly.
    -Finish Emma by the end of the month (Level 2)
    -500 words a day on WIP until it's finished (Level 3, since I'm pretty close to done but still need to figure some stuff out.)
    -Read 1 book a week for the whole year (Level 5, because I'm going to get busy soon).

  4. #5 is a shared resolution.

    But really it's just part of my first of two 2010 goals:

    1) Get an agent.
    2) Rebuild my savings.

    Woohoo new year and new enthusiasm!

  5. Skip the 360. Get a PS3 instead. The games are the same, but you get the best blu-ray player on the market AND the streaming between computer and television is better than with a 360.

    I promise. I did a ridiculous amount of reasearch on this. :)

  6. Your post is eerily similar to mine today, aka not able to write anything that requires an actual thought process. Currently ... Lydia's brain = mush. Lydia's life = chaos.

    I can't believe you don't have an XBox 360 yet. (Isn't that a gender requirement for men?) It pains me to think of all you are missing: Halo, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Star Wars Force Unleashed, and the list of awesomeness goes on... I think your ambition level for that one is far too low, my friend.

  7. I love the ambition levels! maybe it should be a requirement that everyone who writes resolutions should have at least one on the high end and one on the low end.

    My high ends: finish at least one of the three books I've started writing, and sell the one that just published.

    My low end: begin reading in bed under the electric blanket every night again. At least while it's still cold out.

  8. Mine are similar - finish WIP - lose weight and start a blog (this one is done! w00t!)
    And you will not regret that xbox 360...

  9. Nice goals! :D

    Mine include doing everything I can to get an agent this year, finish book #2, and get in shape (ultimate goal being to do a single pull up. I haven't been able to do one since the 3rd grade, so I'll be thrilled if I make it!)

  10. For increased efficiency, you can do 1 while doing 2 (books on tape), and 3 after 5. I would skip 4, because there's no way 5 will happen that way :-)

    Happy New Year!

  11. How funny because I just blogged about my goals for the first half of the year. (I don't do resolutions.)

    The book list is interesting. Off the board list I've read 6 and 13 from the reader's list. Why is there so much L Ron Hubbard and Ayn Rand on the reader's one - does anyone know?

  12. Second the motion to consider PS3 over XBox. Just sayin'!

    Rick, I got a good giggle out of the weekly Daley thing. Nice.

    As for me, I'd say I'd like to be more organized, less frazzled, and have a cleaner house, (somewhere, the husband is rolling his eyes so hard they hurt), but I know I probably won't get there.

    I guess I'll just stick to being the best version of me that I can possibly dredge up. And the more wine thing...I like that too! :)

  13. I've got a few, but the ambition levels depend on my 4 room mates (aka kids) as they basically have me by the hair.

    Finish WIP, find a way to enjoy cooking, stop enjoying baking so much and lose my last 10 baby pounds, and sleep more.

    If you do get an XBOX, don't let it tip or drop onto it's side when you are playing it. You may get a red circle of death or it will burn the crap out of your current game, giving said game a burn mark that will make it unplayable. Don't have a PS3, so can't compare.

  14. I also blogged about my goals, rather than resolutions. My theme for 2010 is purposefulness - to work steadily towards goals rather than bouncing around experimenting (which was the pattern of 2009).

    Love reading lists. I collect them on Evernote. I have my own "to read" list on LibraryThing, and one day will start incorporating my reading list collection into that as well. I find having my own list helps me read with greater purpose and thought.

  15. Love the ambition levels. I'm with you on 3.

    1.Drink more wine. (Ambition level: 12). It will make all the other resolutions unnecessary.

    My other goal is almost a fait accompli, so not sure it counts, but it's to start a blog on the 19th.

  16. LOL

    I don't make resolutions, but I do set goals. My goals are to finish and revise my current WiP so that I can get it query-ready in October; finish the draft of another WiP; finish and revise one of my book-length poetry collections and try to get it contest-ready by September.

    Yeah, I'm insane.

    Good luck with your resolutions.

  17. I threatened myself with an XBox360 for some time and finally made good on it. And I have to warn you, "Pimpster" (my name for you - it's so much cooler than Eric), that it will swallow your soul. Whatever you do, do not get Fallout3. Instead of staying up late, working on my novel which should have already been finished, I'm staying up late killing super mutants and walking around in my flashy armor, swearing at Ghouls.

  18. Funny, my resolution is the exact opposite of #3. Would you like my corks? I probably have enough for, uh, a wall...but not like "The Wall"...well, not before February.

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  20. The ambition levels are a fantastic idea. Too bad I made a resolution years ago never to make another New Years resolution - and I'm sticking to it!

    Doesn't stop me setting goals though. Complete current WIP would rate highly. But does "drink more wine" really rate as high as 3 for ambition?

  21. Gads, the modern library has quite the hard on for Joyce; no wonder you like them.

  22. Who writes checks anymore? Maybe you should include a "welcome to the modern world of bankcards" resolution?? Here's a tip: don't think of it as being the year Two Thousand and Ten. Think of it as Twenty-Ten. The brevity makes it a little easier to grasp that we are now living in a sci-fi year. Say it with me now, "Twenty-ten, Twenty-ten, Twenty-ten."

  23. Are you represented?

  24. Novels in progress? No, sir. You must choose one. And do it all the way through. :-) You love one the most anyway, you can choose that one. But I would go with the one that you know is most marketable. It's a compromise, Eric. You can do the one you love as part of a two-book deal.

  25. @Alicia, it's because some folks think they should read Hubbard and Rand, but they're not actually very good, so people don't make much headway before they become bored and put them on next year's list.

    I'm satisfied to put them off indefinitely.

  26. To write every day. Must be part of a novel, blogging doesn't count. So far so good.

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  27. I was going to have getting an agent as a resolution/goal. But then I figured that wasn't entirely up to me. Of course I can help it along by writing something really good, etc., but in the end there are also outside factors I can't control. So my goal instead is to finish editing my WIP by June, and send it out with a good query to selected agents. That, I can achieve all on my own.

    Having said all that, I like the wine resolution. I think I'm going to steal it.

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