Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prithee, Inform Me: Where Do You Get Your News?

And I don't mean all your news, bros and she-bros (although feel free to comment about that as well, since I would find it interesting). Rather, I'm curious to know where you get your industry news. Is it from the inimitable Mr. Bransford? The no-nonsense Ms. Janet Reid? Laura C. Ombreviations? Moonrat? The mysterious Intern? The "Scary Lady"?

Come, share with us your industry news (re)sources. Bonus points if you introduce me to one SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME that I add it to my "Notable Blogs" (see far right).


  1. I do admit to getting news from Nathan Bransford. However, I also love Kate Schafer's blog, Daphne Unfeasible. I usually here big/contraversial news from her first.

  2. I visit all of the sites you have under Notable blogs, as well as Shelf-Awareness, Publishers Lunch, GalleyCat, and Rachelle Gardner's blog.

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  4. You pretty much named my top spots.

    There's also Bookslut, the Writer Beware Blogs!, and Anne Mini's Author! Author! as just generally awesome resources...

  5. I have a few notable lists of my own on my blog (not including my fellow writer friends, who occasionally also have insight on publishing). This may get lengthy. You've been warned. I won't repeat the ones that you already mentioned, and I'll do my best to link all of them.

    edit: I started out linking them, but that got to be too much work (sorry, but I'm busy). If you want the links, they're all in the sidebar of my blog, here.

    Christina Katz
    Writer Unboxed (this one is especially informative regarding innovative ways to get your work in the hands of readers, among a slew of other topics)
    Book Ends
    Rachelle Gardner
    Jennifer Jackson
    Kristin Nelson
    There Are No Rules
    Guide To Literary Agents
    Writer Beware
    How Publishing Really Works
    A Newbie's Guide to Publishing
    Query Shark

    Um... I think that's it. :)

  6. I read Nathan Bransford's blog, and I subscribe to @FictionFeed on Twitter.

  7. Oh no. Everyone's tempting me with more industry blogs. I try to limit them to a few, so I have room left for a life.

    I watch Pimp My Novel, Combreviations and Nathan Bransford regularly. I stop in at some others now and again too and some I'm getting really into. So...

    Sometimes fellow writers clue me in.

  8. I see a lot of the ones I follow already listed. I follow enough that I made a whole page for them on my blog.

    I actually need to update it as I have added a few more in the past week...

  9. Larry Brooks at Great site. Lots of content for aspiring writers!

  10. Readin' 'bout writin' ain't writin!'

    Haste yee back ;-)

  11. I'm with CKHB - you really should add Anne Mini's Author! Author! to your list of must-reads. She goes into such amazing depth of explanation - she doesn't just sit there and say "nouns are out! NEVER use nouns!!1!" If there's a best practice rule for writers out there, she's explain the whys and wherefores.

  12. All those you listed, plus this one of course... Check. I usually skim the headlines and see if there is anything I need to know at the stage of the process where I am.

  13. The Literary Lab is probably the one I read most frequently, because they have good advice for the writing/rewriting stage.

  14. Let's not forget The Rejectionist for query stats and insight :D.

  15. You, Nathan, Kristin Nelson, and the Rejectionist all feed into my Google homepage. I follow Galleycat on Twitter. On Fridays I click lots of links.

    My Google homepage is set up with myriad news sources both industry and world-wide so I can come to one page, click on a bunch of links, and be fully informed, from writing to tech to politics, etc.

  16. Anna Genoese's professional blogging has faded, but the archives are still worth a gander:

    Also, Deanna Hoak gives you a copyreditor's perspective:

    And Marion Gropen has always been wicked cool to me over Live Journal and deserves some pimping:

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  18. I gotta second Haste Ye Back. I'm still writing the first draft of my novel. I'm trying to figure out how to construct an ending and then how to edit the manuscript down to a reasonable word count. I'm not overly concerned with whether ebooks are outselling paper books, etc. I read all the blogs you mentioned because they're fun and I'm a news junkie in general; but in your opinion, Eric, how important is it for a first time novelist to keep up with publishing industry news?

  19. Drudge. Oh wait ;) OK, I confess it's a mix of Bransford, Gardner and Reid.

  20. Yup. What they said! Mostly Nathan, you (duh!), The Rejectionist, Kristin Nelson, and Moonrat.

    Anyone mention Jessica Faust at Bookends LLC? She's got a lot of good info for those of us who are shamelessly unpublished and unagented but still willing to try.

  21. I prefer the stylings of the grunts: PMN, Ombreviations, The Rejectionist, and The Intern. Their perspective (and candor allowed largely by their anonymity) is exactly what I need.

    I also keep up to date on the goings-on off ePublishing from Booksquare, and tend toward blogs from librarians (because those peeps have seen it all and don't stand to [directly] benefit commercially from the success of any particular title/publishing house).

  22. My list of rss feeds goes up and down. A few months ago, I went through a phase where I followed every link and added anyone even slightly interesting. Recently I've gone through and started deleting. I still have too many though.

    Some that haven't been mentioned yet are:
    Carina Press, followed over from Nice Mommy Evil Editor.
    Colleen Lindsay
    Scott Eagan
    KT Literary

  23. I get my news from *your* blog.

  24. YPulse, GalleyCat, PW Daily, Publishers Marketplace, School Library Journal, and various blogs like this one.

    I report on YA news on Thursday (just to pimp my own blog :-) at YA Sleuth:

  25. Oooh! I have a List.
    Moonrat, Intern, Editorial Anonymous, Pub Rants, GLA, Janet Reid, BookEnds and Mysterious Matters!

    And you, of course. :)

    On the reading side, I love the League of Reluctant Adults, Cat and Muse and Rachel Vincent's blog.

    And if you ever need to cook something... check out Pioneer Woman. I don't know why I torture myself by looking at her food pictures when all I have in the cupboard is Pot Noodles, but I do. My stomach hates me.


    That's it. Used to review others but found it too time consuming. I need to reserve time for my writing (and some for basic lifetime duties, you know).

  27. All of the above, plus Rachelle Gardner, Bookends, Editorial Anonymous, and Pub Rants. I read Betsy Lerner, too, not for news, but for her unigue perspective on things...I also read lots of writers' blogs etc etc. My husband brings home PW so I read that too.

  28. There are two really great newer blogs that I am totally in love with right now. Both girls are frank and candid about the publishing biz, and it's refreshing:

    Getting Past the Gatekeeper:

    and Rayna Reads: