Friday, March 12, 2010

E-Round Up

I know you missed the PMN updates, amigos and -as, while Eric was on his spiritual retreat in Arkansas. He was going to go to Texas, but the textbooks there keeping getting more conservative, and the airline he was traveling didn't have a book deal, so he had to rethink and change his plans. (Note: So sorry for the lack of posts, everyone; Blogger seems to have jammed up at some point early this week. Don't be alarmed, however! I shall be back with brand-spanking-new content on Monday. — E)

But, never fear, he has left you alone (and with me) for another day and the whole weekend. Please cry away from your computer. Tears are bad for electronics.

No, really, tears on computers short out electronics, and could electrocute you. And then who will control your digital legacy? Especially the logins for your Hachette social networking page—because nothing says "productive, money-making work" like social networks! Being plugged in means you probably also have an opinion on e-books: either you're an e-book skeptic, or you embrace them as the future. Either way, you're probably cranky about publishers and booksellers having all sorts of types of DRM. And although there are ecological arguments to make for e-books, some booksellers have to wean you onto them with bundled print and e-books. But hey, free e-books have been shown to correlate to increased print sales, so bundling might be in the best interest of the environment down the road. Even academic e-books have e-sploded, which I never would have guessed in a million years, which clearly shows what I know. (I've been telling you that for MONTHS. — E) Thank goodness we have Farmville to show publishing the way to safe e-sales.

Is Farmville not your thing? Then maybe Hilary Duff's YA series is, or you can check out the Radiohead scored soundtrack to the movie of Murakami's Norwegian Wood. You can also check out the recently purchased David Foster Wallace archive, or the video history of Spot the Dog, for your other pop culture needs.

I know, I know, what a short round-up. More info at Combreviations, as per usual. Have a good weekend, ladies and gents!


  1. Maybe Hachette decided, "If you can't beat em join em. Or: Take away the forbidden aspect of online socializing at work and it loses it's luster.

    Enjoyed the Spot video. Made me want to write for kids. But I've been advised against that by a mother who noticed my avatar.

  2. (Side note on your greeting: I've seen Spanish speakers use querid@ as a non-gender specific greeting. I suppose you could say amig@s, but of course, in Spanish there's no point—it's just amigos even if it's 50 women and one guy.)

  3. Alas, Jordan, my inner (and very vocal outer) feminist frowns on male as gender neutral constructions, even though it is correct in just about every language--I also pull moves like this in English, and pluralize when a gendered singular would be easier. least I'm consistent while being irritating and disregarding the basic rules?

    Plus, I like to read it, "All friends and especially the ladies," because that is how debonair I am. Jaja!