Friday, March 19, 2010

Rounding Up St. Patrick's Day Week

Visiting from Combreviations, today we have Laura to round up:

Happy St. Patrick's Day week, compatriots! Some of us enjoyed the holiday, some did not, and some paid the price for fun, which is distinctly not sexy. Larry Flynt's White House sex project, on the other hand, is potentially sexy, as is book mechandise and fictional librarians, as chosen by librarians.

Some ladies of geek culture are also sexy, even when geek culture isn't lady friendly. Ayn Rand is a little unclear on what is sexy, and maybe should have stuck to writing about heartbreak instead. Mark Twain found baseball sexy (or, er, lovable), and some people think Stieg Larsson was Maybe this is why writers need rooms to themselves (amirite?).

Now, out of context, some of these facts are unclear. Everything needs context, friends! We can figure out a lot about the context of author lives from discussions of their day jobs, for example. And more examples. And even more examples. Lists are fun!

If you are list-ly inclined, you might be interested in these best YA books for adults, these 10 most underrated lesbian books, and 12 YA novels with Asian protagonists. Nothing says awesome like listed niche interests! If your niche interest is short novels that aren't novellas, this article might be for you. Quick, adapt them into movies, unless they are bad!


  1. I have to have Flynt's White House sex project. Somehow when I think Larry Flynt, I don't think, Howard Zinn. Funny that. Just having those two in the same sentence is weird.

    Never got into Ayn Rand.

    These links were fun. Thanks.

  2. I love the list of best YA books for adults. Thanks.

  3. These are great links. The idea that YA books are selling well with older reader is interesting and what I found.
    I read my YA supernatural romance to a group of older ladies holding cups of tea and nibbling on custard cream biscuits. They loved it. I was much more nervous of this audience than I was hearing from my teen and pre-teen Beta readers.

  4. why thank you. there went an hour of my day :) i particularly enjoyed the reading lists--i was 5/10 on the YA, and 1/10 on the lesbian books!