Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Round It Up Time

Rounding up the week, here's Laura from Combreviations:

Today we talk about literature, darling(s). Because all of our classiness derives from our knowledge, and oh, did you know fiction is dead (again)? Sad but true. Of course, it wasn't dead when Mark Twain was critiquing fiction, but, alas, Mark Twain died 100 years ago, and even séances won't bring him, or fiction, back. We can of course parse the fiction of yester-year, especially Kei$ha's references to the Bard. And did you hear? It is oh so gauche to assume that anyone but Shakespeare was Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is the epitome of class, reader types. You know who is not? Archie's trip to the Jersey Shore. Also embezzling from Danielle Steel, that whole unauthorized biography thing, and masturbation in literature. Even rock stars have literary influences, and the Random House house is inspired by Voltaire.

Things that aren't classy, per se, but are just awesome, include Mindy Kaling's new book deal (oh god I am so excited) and Abiola Abrams building a writer's platform. Her advice better just be, "Go on Tough Love," because I am sold on her as a result. I am also sold on Marc Jacobs' book store, Book Marc (ha!). Even if Book Marc were open today, though, you wouldn't find the first chapter of John Grisham's children's book, only available on the Internet, or Time magazine's Kindle-only book on birth control.

Well, besos to you, sirs and madams. See you next week, or later today at Combreviations!


  1. OK, if Grisham is going to become a children's author, can kidlit authors finally get some respect? I'm only halfway kidding.

    Also, as pointed out about the website begin more Grisham than kidlit, I hope this doesn't mark a downward slide of adult material into kid's books. Can we just let them be kids? They have a long time to be grownups.

  2. I agree with Susan. The blurring of the line makes me a bit uncomfortable, and I have to believe that purchasing habits would become more parent-driven rather then child-driven.

  3. Fiction's dead? Dang! Just when I'm about to get published.

  4. I can't lie - the masturbation in literature article caught my eye. My most recent encounter with literary masturbation was in Confederacy of Dunces - Mrs. Levy constantly uses her exercise board to this end. It made me blush alright! Last literary taboo indeed.

  5. My most recent encounter with literary masturbation was in "The Death of Bunny Munro" (Nick Cave, 2009)...Bunny is forever wanking, and even when he isn't he is still a wanker... I will check our the novel mentioned by "disobedient writer"... who knew exersise could be such fun!