Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shelf Wars Indeed

A busy day today, my friends, so I'm going to redirect you to a great post by Alan Rinzler on bookstore visibility and this primer on co-op by the inimitable Mr. Bransford.

I've oft waxed co-opetic here on PMN, and I think these posts provide more of the booksellers' (or at least, non-publishers') side of the process. Can a bookseller create a bestseller? Who determines in-store placement? What are the prime (and not-so-prime) locations?

Read and find out!


  1. I subscribe to Mr. Rinzler's posts and felt this one was exceptionally well done. Thanks for giving your readers the link.

  2. Thanks for the link - that is a great post. I was so bummed to learn the truth about those staff picks, though. Feel like someone just told me there's no Tooth Fairy.

  3. Thank you for the link! What? There's no Tooth Fairy? I'm crushed!