Friday, July 30, 2010

End-of-July Round Up

Friday round-up time, with Laura from Combreviations:

I've got a short one for you today, friends and foes, made up of only my favorites. I drew your attention to the Huxley/Orwell smack down yesterday, and I think that society is doomed—doomed, I tell you! Did you ever think we would live in an age where 1984 was the better of two evils? The evil-est of evils, I would say, is probably this not-so-great Gatsby video game. Gatsby was never lame, darlings. And when I read this article about the other evil of pastel book covers, all I could think of was a Mommy Dearest style, "No more pink covers!"

For those of you who don't lose your appetite over pink covers, you should check out this rundown of food magazines, and Mark Twain on southern food. Delicious. You can use these book recommendation services while you snack. Or decide if you prefer nameless protagonists or comic books based on real people.

That's all I've got today, reader types—but by way of apology, I've included Jane Austen fight club below, which you may have seen, but is just as enjoyable round two:

As always, see you next week here, or all week at Combreviations, where you can check out sweet videos about octopedes.

Ed: Speaking of video games, enjoy the below! — E


  1. I played through The Great Gatsby video game this week. It's good for what it is (a hidden object game) and it's an interesting way to give Gatsby to a younger generation. It's not the book, but it's better than the movies.

    I wrote a Gonzo review about it this week.

  2. Loved this Fight Club. Is this the power of Jane Austin, that almost anything that has to do with her is pretty good?

  3. I just want to go on the record as saying that I hate The Great Gatsby with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

  4. Really? Why? I am being furiously jealous of Fitzgerald talent at describing powerful emotions in a quiet, realistic way. I don't read much writers prior to 1950 (Well, I read some, but not much), but Fitzgerald is one of the few.