Monday, July 5, 2010

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Real publishing-related news tomorrow. Today, a recap of my past week. I:

• Ate so much pie I thought I would have a heart attack—and not, as you might imagine, as a result of the sugar and butter endemic to said pie, but because I ate so much my stomach was physically pushing on my heart.

• Got a state boating permit and learned how to operate a jet ski. Fun fact: hanging on for dear life is substantially more exhausting than you might at first expect.

• Saw Toy Story 3. It was really good. You should go see it, regardless of whether you have any kids to take with you.

• Ate a lot of barbecue. Animals are delicious.

• Read. A lot. And not for work.

• Went kayaking. Fun in its own way, but somehow less intense after the jet ski experience.

• Did not get sunburned, which I think is a life record.

• Blew things up. Hooray, America!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!
    I'll be without a summer getaway this year, as I'm making a BIG move shortly after, so I'm jealous!

  2. Glad you had an awesome time! Also glad there's no sunburn remorse to deal with ... I'll leave you with this patriotic quote:

    "Sometimes when you love something, you have to destroy it. It's in the Bible ... or the Constitution." - Jason Stackhouse, True Blood

  3. Yay for the weekend :) I'm on a bit of a vacation myself, and using my time to finish up my book and go on the prowl for an editor. Yes, Ihave my safari hat and butterfly net for such an occasion as this ;)

    Enjoy your day!

  4. It sounds like a pretty good week to me. In fact, all summer vacations should be that good.

  5. Toy Story 3 was the perfect end to that series. I was a complete mush. Glad you had a great vacay! :)

  6. Lots of pie, reading and barbecue… Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!
    It’s a good thing you didn’t sink while kayaking after you ate that much pie! :)

  7. Aw, man. I didn't have any pie. Drat.

  8. Mmmmm barbecue animals. I had some of them too.

  9. "Blew things up."

    I always get dolls on vacation!