Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guest Post Winners!

Happy Wednesday, dear auteurs! I've finished reading through the many, many guest posts you sent my way, and because 1.) so many of your posts were so phenomenal and 2.) I have less time this week than I thought, I'm announcing an additional two guest posts that will be running tomorrow, December 30th and Friday, December 31st. O joy! O rapture!

Without further ado—

Thursday, December 30th: "Will Self Publishing Make You Die????" by Livia King Blackburne

Friday, December 31st: "Writer, Interrupted" by Nichole Bernier

Monday, January 3rd: "So You Want to Write a Novel" by David Kazzie

Tuesday, January 4th: "The Joys of a Threesome" by Beck McDowell

Wednesday, January 5th: "Print is Killing Publishing" by Joseph L. Selby

Thursday, January 6th: "A Sale is a Sale—Hard Copy or E-Book" by June Ahern

Friday, January 7th: "Is 'Kindling' for You?" by CJ Lyons

Many thanks to all who submitted, and congratulations to the winners. See you back here tomorrow morning for "Will Self Publishing Make You Die????"!