Monday, June 20, 2011

In Fact, I'll Commend It Again

Television for Children Ages 8 – 10

Raunchy Late Night Comedies

Science Fiction/Fantasy with a Strong Female Lead

If any of this looks familiar, we'd probably be bros in real life: these are a few of the category recommendations Netflix has recently made for me. Whether it's via Netflix, Amazon, or our friends and families, recommendation is an undeniable and potent factor in our media consumption decision-making.

Now for the book-related part of today's segment! Some books I've recently been told I absolutely must read:

The Pale King by David Foster Wallace

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson

Bossypants by Tina Fey

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

What's been recently recommended to you, gentle readers?


  1. Oh thanks for the list - gotta add them to my tbr pile!

  2. Just read Shanghi Girls and Dreams of Joy by Lisa See (sequels) Loved both even though Shanghi Girls is the better of the two, by a point. See immerses the reader in the Chinese culture from the turn of the century until the 1960's.
    Sing me Home by Jodi Picoult recommended to me, but couldn't get past the fourth chapter, loss interest. Half-broke Horses and Glass Castles, by J. Walls engrossing, worth the time, especially The Glass Castle. The adventures of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, literally off the hook, a different writing style, but it's a great ride.

  3. Side Note: Did you read any of them and did you like the ones you read? In short, were the recommendations accurate?

  4. I got a B&N gift card for my b'day last month, so I'd asked for suggestions from my blog readers.

    They came up with the following:

    Beat to A Pulp-Round 1 (short story anthology)
    Biography of Henry Miller written by Erica Jong
    Blood Hunter by Sidney Williams
    Night Brothers by Sidney Williams

    Should be an interesting way to start off the summer reading season.

  5. Well, participating in the "Favourite Books Blogfest" has given me many more books to add to my TBR list...but I haven't even checked out most of the blogfest entries yet. So I have no doubt my list will get even longer ;)

  6. The Art of Racing in the Rain. Best read in a long time. Actually, we were on a road trip, so we listened to the audio book. The reader gave such a great voice to the narrator, Enzo, that we actually missed him when it was over.

    Now I am starting 'A visit from the goon squad', which I picked up from the followers of this great blog.

  7. "The Gargoyle" was recently recommended to me by my young nephew who is in prison for murder. So far, (I'm halfway through it), it's like nothing I've ever read before. It's a beautifully and shocking story.