Monday, June 6, 2011

It Came From The Cloud

First, many thanks to our five guest posters from last week! The activity in the comments section and on Twitter seem to indicate that all were fun, informative, and well-received, and I tip my digital hat to the five of you.

I'm still unpacking and settling in from my vacation, so today's post will be about you. Prithee, inform me, ladies and gents: how do you feel about Apple's iCloud?

Personally, I fear that Apple will use my information for iNiquity™, but that could just be my own paranoia talking. While I initially balked at the idea—Apple has made its name principally as a hardware, rather than software, manufacturer—I've since realized that this is a pretty smart move for the company. Most of the people I know who own Apple machines own multiple devices (laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPod, iPad, &c), and being able to link them together via the magic of the iNterwebz™ makes a lot of sense.

So, while I'm not sure I'll be partaking in Apple's newest venture—what about you?


  1. I'm moving away from Apple as a company all together. Google's open policies I think are better all around. So while Apple's "you don't have to upload" is a cool idea, I would rather upload what I want to an open-geared platform than a closed one. The item that has my ears perked up is the Chromebook, a web-only computer that uses Chrome rather than Windows as an operating system (thus no software installations or desktop, only a web browser and applications). That may redefine how things are done.

    ...or it may flop horribly. :)

  2. I think part of this ethic might have had its inception with Wozniak. Superior hardware is far more difficult to replicate than software.

  3. Personally I am wary of anything in the cloud. I use DropBox with great care, keep almost nothing on my iDisk. I suspect I might use the iTunes sharing feature, but that would be about it.

  4. I use DropBox with great care as well numbers and letter person.

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  5. I do have just a bit of the generalized anxiety going around about letting Apple, Google, Amazon or whoever maintain my data on their cloud, as that requires a certain amount of trust.

    I've also a great deal of concern that my data will in fact be available. At the company where I work, we use Amazon cloud services, and a month or so ago when their cloud services went down for a number of days, it really messed things up. Cost us a lot of $, assuredly.

    Funny thing is, I used to work in the cloud computing field.

    I guess I'm old school. I like my writin' to be in Word on my computer, and especially on paper.

  6. I just can't get enthusiastic about any of Apple's knickknacks, aside from my iPod I lost :P

    I won't be using the iCloud. I do like Google Docs though!

    YA: Cheat, Liar, Coward
    Adult: Shackled

  7. I'm wary of the iCloud as well. We are told every single day to be careful with our information on the internet, and I feel that there's an element of safety that is compromised with this sort of product. Beyond that, I'm not a fan of Apple as a company overall. I can't blink without them announcing an i[insert cool sounding product here] 2, 3, 4 or whatever. Give the consumer a chance to enjoy their $300 purchase for 8gb of space before you release the next installment. Sheesh!

  8. Trust and familiarity. I predict this will be a non-topic in 3 or 4 years. (And yes, for the past 3 years cloud computing has been the darling of the tech services company where I used to work.)

  9. When my computer died this morning I hauled it off to my fav PC gurus but was silently swearing, it's time for a MAC. But it was a simple and quick fix.

    So while I've fallen in love with Google Chrome for web surfing, blogging, and more, I'm still an old skool girl. I like my routines and not being wired to a networked life. I like to smell the flowers and give a good meal with friends in the room my whole attention.

  10. i'm just apt to end up in the iFog.

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