Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend Round-Up

Friday round up means more Laura time, in her weekly visit from Combreviations and the asylum:

Guten morning, you guys. Or should I say, happy pre-iPad launch mid-Passover almost Easter welcome to April? Holidays are fun, folks! Although is the iPad launch a holiday? It might be more of a pilgrimage opportunity. There are theories that the iPad could make books go viral, even though its apps are so much more g-d damn expensive than the iPhone counterparts. I'm excited because 19 vooks have been launched specifically for the iPad (and Deepak has signed on with vook!), which could be very cool. Once Ina Garten has an iPad vook, friends, I will become the biggest iPad sheep you have ever met, and not care that Apple is telling publishers what they are allowed to charge for their books. Team Ina!

Perhaps the worst facet of early April is April Fools Day (Eric was in the spirit yesterday. What a jerk). I find the holiday bad, and not only because it encourages my college-aged brother to convince my mom he impregnated someone (true story!). So, in that spirit, I ask you: are the next four links April Fools Day tricks or not? First, a sequel to Treasure Island: tricky? Second, a sequel to Atlas Shrugged, by Cory Doctorow, someone less rape-y than Ayn Rand. Third, Glenn Beck's new novel not only exists, but has a title. ...Ech. And fourth, are these creepy children's books titles real or jokes? Unfortunately, I think most of these links are not tricks, but are rather supposed to be treats.

Another treat, that I've been holding in trust for you, reader types, is the new book by JWow and Ronnie of the show "Jersey Shore." Don't fall in love at the shore, people. Some of you might not find the Jersey Shore case lovable, but in that case, I point you to this post on unlovable fiction characters. They are important! And Jersey Shore is nothing if not fictional. What, you thought reality TV was real? There there, check out this article on the literature of betrayal. It'll salve those wounds. At least it's not as bad as what Byron's lover has to say in a recently found memoir. And, oh look, distraction—Streisand is going to be at Book Expo America! Find a way to go, folks.

Now, I realize this is week old news, but please bear with me, because I wasn't around for last week and I find this so exciting: Reading Rainbow might be coming back for adults! I would absolutely watch that show (er, probably webcast) for book recommendations as well as to reconnect with Levar Burton, Kunta Kinte, and Lieutenant Commander Geordi La the SAME TIME. This video properly encapsulates what the show would be like. We wouldn't even need these modern mash-ups for entertainment with some good old Reading Rainbow. And, since it would be for adults, kids could choose their own books, which apparently makes them happier. Everybody wins!

That's all for me, fellow rainbow readers. Have a happy April/Passover/Easter/no longer April Fools Day/hopefully nice spring weekend!


  1. I hadn't heard that one about the Byron and Shelley find. Interesting. Thanks for the links.

    Your brother is too funny. I would love to have heard that conversation:)

  2. I love the creepy books link. I think they are real...scary.

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