Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools' Day Round Up

Yet another Friday round up with Laura:

Today's round up is going to be a drive-by, boys and girls—quick, violent, and super lame. If you're into long, drawn-out things, there's a Game of Thrones book club to prep for both the HBO series and the new book coming out. Be excited, folks! And join in if you haven't already read these. You can make your own Etsy book cover, if that makes you happier. Or you can make a dress from the book! Or from Golden Books, if you prefer. Maybe use these fifty books you can live without reading. I would add to that list Perez Hilton's book for kiddies, since it'll probably suck, he's a terrible role model for not bullying people, and also, what year is this? Does anyone read his blog anymore?

Also terrible looking: the 3D trailer for The Three Musketeers. And if you're looking for depressing, please see the change, or lack thereof, in bestseller lists over a decade. And as long as we're going back in time, yes, typewriters, the girls from Sweet Valley, and David Foster Wallace are all back.

That's it for today, folks—see you next week, with more shenanigans.

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