Monday, May 23, 2011

A Song of Ice and Late Round Ups

Monday round up, with Laura:

I am seriously sucking at writing these on time, friends and foes. Apologies! Please accept as a sign of atonement this interview with David Letterman, in which Jennifer Lawrence explains The Hunger Games, and this "where are they now," Wonka edition. I've also got close to 100 pieces of fantastic journalism (that is, journalism that is fantastic, not fantasy journalism), and the top 10 bestsellers from Oprah's Book Club. We can all buy them on our Kindles, since Amazon sells more Kindle books than physical books. The future is now!

Also in the future (and also now) is a gaming company retaliating against a bad review by encouraging people to give bad reviews to the reviewer's book. You stay classy, video game guys. They will not be getting a million dollar grant like teen writing community Figment. Suck on that, sirs. Maybe they should take a good vacation, courtesy of the Tao of Travel, or work on being experts at something or other (even though Wikipedia heralds the death of the expert). I'm an expert on fiction that actually sells, and will pass along the expertise at the low low rate of $1 million per minute. Richard Dawkins will pass along his opinions for significantly less in his new science book for kiddies. The real question is: will it be more or less controversial than Philip Roth's latest book award?

Hope you had a good weekend, and see you next week, hopefully on time!

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