Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Got 99 Blog Posts (Plus A Bonus One)

It's time to bust out the champagne and tiny hors d'œuvres, mes amis, because today marks our 100th post here on PMN. That's right: if I had a nickel for every blog post here on Pimp My Novel, I would have five whole dollars. That's lunch at Subway, assuming I don't want chips or a drink or have to pay any kind of tax. And to think that it feels like it all started only yesterday.

Laura and I have posted on a variety of topics over the past few months, covering everything from co-op to remaindered titles to the perils of self-publishing. So, while I crack open the bubbly in celebration of my blogging achievements/anticipation of the upcoming, unavoidable, annual Thanksgiving Day fiasco that is bearing down on me with terrifying speed, let me know: what have been your favorite PMN moments? Least favorite? Most interesting posts, least interesting posts, theories on expansion to Twitter, Facebook, &c? Suggestions for the addition of a new semi-regular feature (e.g. "Prithee, Inform Me," "Monday Mailbag")?

To the comments with you!


  1. I liked the genre specific series. That was very informative.

  2. Tag: "I write goodly." Ha!


    p.s. Yes, you do.

  3. What a coincidence! I just checked and I posted my 99th post today!

  4. Congratulations!

    I'm a new reader of your blog and have linked you and several others that I've found to be very helpful to me as an aspiring author. I hope to be reading for your $10 moment (that would be your 200th post) lol

  5. congrats :D

    ....Jay Z fan by any chance?

  6. oooh Monday Mailbag sounds great - you should do that.
    I like all of your posts, though ones focusing on the industry are my favs.
    My least favorite post was the one where you got down on Nano because i felt your frustration was misdirected at Nano as opposed to the "writers" that don't play by the rules.
    Keep it up, though, and i'll keep coming by!

  7. Remember that time we got blitzed on sangria and went streaking in the park? That was awesome. By far your best post so far.

  8. Our favorite was the time we got MARRIED but it seems like you and Laura maybe FORGOT ABOUT THAT. Wooo!! congratulations anyway.

  9. Your continual use of "frabjous" is what hooked me. Congrats on the 100-post mark!

  10. Love the blog. Looking forward to 100 more.

  11. Rejectionist said...Our favorite was the time we got MARRIED but it seems like you and Laura maybe FORGOT ABOUT THAT. Wooo!! congratulations anyway.

    If my memory serves me correctly, Eric left you at the altar. But that's okay. Keep telling yourself otherwise if it makes you feel better. My regular Friday shipment of consolation whiskey is already on its way.


    I have to agree that one of my favorites was the genre-specific sales series, since I like to genre-hop from time to time. I also enjoy all the recent talk of Wal-Mart and other big wigs and how they are effectively stubbing out the little guys. And Laura's Friday roundup is always a treat. And your blogging tips. And your rants about self-publishing...

    Okay, pretty much all of it. haha. I check-in here daily (even though I don't always post), and I shall continue to do so. Congrats on the big one-oh-oh!

  12. Congratulations, Eric and Laura!

    Your "Prithee, Inform Me" is alwyas fun, Eric, and Laura's round-ups are informative and funny.

    I also liked the genre-specific series and especially the pie that told me mystery writing had a nice big wedge, which gives me a teensy bit more hope.

    Also, still waiting for the promised post on mystery series...:)

    Continued success!

  13. Congratulations, Eric! I, too, have come only recently to your blog, but I've been reading it diligently the past month or so. I particularly like your posts on the publishing industry.

  14. Lydia, you beat me to something pithy, but I forgive you, because your comment was funnier than mine would have been.

    And Rejectionist, I of course remember the marriage, because I still have NO marriage proposals. Le sigh. (Eric isn't the only one who enjoys flattery!!)

  15. Laura, if I ever get divorced, will you marry me?

  16. Congrats! I really enjoyed the posts about WalMart and about the genres. I think it would be fun if you started up a series where there could be extra discussion about the future of publishing/whatever your mind powers are telling you that day. Maybe you could call it "Publikinesis." Or something that's actually a word.

  17. Amish Vampires and the alternative Hitler's Diaries turn up in my dreams regularly so competitions are highly effective.

    Information -- my wanderings in Borders are no longer linear; not for me the flashy attention seekers that lie in ambush near the door!