Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Q&A Tuesday

Do you have a lingering question about the industry that I've thus far neglected to answer? A definition of a term (this industry is rich with fancy jargon, if not actual money)? An explanation of a process? A query about... queries?

I won't really be of much help to you on that last one, but if you've got questions... well, that's understandable. Ask in the comments before the stroke of midnight tonight, and I'll answer in tomorrow's post!


  1. Eric,
    How much does author initiative for marketing and promtotion matter to a first book deal?

    I ask because aside from the usual efforts (Facebook page, blog tours, etc...) I've already got a interview tour of about 10 television stations and 32 radio stations set up for when I finally have my published book in hand. The audience reach will be somewhere near 10 million for the tour.

    Does that even matter?

    PS. I'm agented, but not published. (Still making sure EVERY WORD is perfect, both in the manuscript and the book proposal)

  2. Has the vampire thing about run its course?

  3. If-(and this is a big IF)I were to publish my book, and in the course of my travels to visit friends and family wanted to stop in at my favorite old book shops and retailers to sign some copies, would I have to coordinate with the publisher or just give the store a call directly?


  4. If I were to sell my books at a signing--say at a library--do I have to charge tax, have a tax ID number, or what?

  5. When I sent out my nonfiction book proposal, I had two publishers interested. As one consideration in selecting the publisher, I went to Barnes and Noble to see how many books from these publishers were on the shelves. Turns out quite a lot for one of them. I went with that publisher, considered a leading religious publishing house.

    Now that the book is published (this past November) I don't see any books from this publisher in my local Barnes & Noble. Including mine. Has tehre been some sort of re-organization or winnowing of publishers by Barnes & Noble bricks-and-mortar over the past couple of years?

  6. How do you find out what books were/are considered successes within a publishing house? Years ago I asked an editor at a conference about a book that I had thought was a success and he just shook his head and said 'it didn't earn back its advance.'

    And, as an adjunct to that question, is there a place to find out what books took off with the buying public versus those that disappointed when both were on the bestseller lists?

    (A few are obvious (Twilight comes to mind) but from the outside looking in, it's often hard to know which is which.)