Friday, February 12, 2010

Romantic Round Up

For all of your Valentine's Day publishing news, Laura is visiting from Combreviations to round up the week:

Happy last day of work until after Valentine's Day, reader types! Eric has already marked himself a staunch advocate of the "read and eat candy" V-Day plan, which, although not bad, does not even hold a candle to my plan: watch Tyrannosaurus Sex on the Discovery Channel and eat candy on the 15th, when it is on sale. Gen. Ius.

If you are going to celebrate in a more traditional, less dinosaur sex way, be sure to follow these rules of love according to romantic comedies and read Slate's love poetry anthology while steering clear of these favorite literary cheaters, or you will end up listening to this playlist of break-up songs and pontificating on the problem of ending novels (and probably relationships).

To see a true act of love, look no further than Kirkus being bought by the owner of the Pacers, or past the author who can't write because of her admiration for another. If you're looking for something other than romance, and you live in Philly, you should check out this literary salon for erotica (this is not-so-brotherly love, unless you happen to be a Jolie), and the new adult version of the Sweet Valley novels, which may not be so sweet. Either way, don't forget these good wines under $20 or that beer is good for your bones, as these facts will help you get through the weekend of love (or the rest of this post).

As we celebrate a holiday that may or may not have been made up by Chaucer, I think we should take a moment to appreciate the many forms books can take. Sometimes you need to hear 3 minutes of fiction, or The Great Gatsby read aloud, or even some guy reading to you while you do your yoga (before yoga devolves into snack time). Or maybe you need your Anne Rice vook, or to go to a bookstore to stop yourself from reading, or even worship your new author-god. And if you're a little tech-y, you can hack your netbook into an e-reader and feel really, really productive. Sometimes you've got to give your reading eyes a break and give your weird-but-fun-book-experiences brain a chance to shine.

I wish you all weird-but-fun weekend experiences, which I am keen to hear about (if they are not too emotionally disturbing). And remember: candy on the 15th is super cheap! Don't be a fool and buy before then!


  1. XKCD had the best Valentine's comic ever this morning:

  2. Yes, I am a long-time celebrant of Volentine's Day, which falls every Feb 15th, at which time we praise the patron saint of 50%-off chocolate.

  3. As a contemporary romance writer, I was all sorts of a-squee at the link to romantic comedies. Made of awesome- thank you!

    Butbutbut...I am also a yoga instructor (oh! The job for which I actually get paid, teehee). And in truth, no. You probably shouldn't be mixing a reading with your yoga, per se. It's called a mind-body experience for a reason. You need both focused on the workout to really be successful. That said, I do read to my clients all the time as we start and as we finish. That's 95% mind-time anyhow. Might as well use it for good. No, I don't read my own stuff, haha!

    The whole eat-right-after-yoga thing rocks my socks. I teach a class on Friday nights called "happy hour yoga". 6:30 to 7:30, everyone comes and gets their Zen on, then goes out to drink in their unnaturally happy state.

    If that doesn't make for a good Valentine's Day...I don't know what will. Just sayin'!

  4. Thanks, this was a funny bonus round-up. I wonder if Tyrannosaurus Sex is anything like elephant sex, where they dig a hole.

    Don't worry, I won't be a fool. I always wait for the sales. Hopelessly romantic here.

  5. Oh I'm raiding the candy aisles on the 15th! Excellent round-up!