Friday, February 5, 2010

Superbowl Pre-Game Round-Up

To my consternation, Ms. Ombreviations has snagged the 150th PMN post from me. Alack! From Combreviations, we have Laura to round up the week:

Hello hello, reader types, and welcome to Friday round-up. Things I should talk about include Macmillan and Amazon, but I'm really kind of bored of the discussion, and have said what I have to say about it (as has Eric, as have you), so I think we can safely skip.

While we've discussed Salinger some, I think we can do it some more, as interesting things are still coming out. I already highlighted the pitfalls of responding to Salinger's fan mail, but there was a reason the man was so popular. While young narrators often sound phony, a lot of teens still find something to love in Salinger's work. I bet if we re-did this list of books most read by college students a month from now, it would include some Salinger works. So let us all sing these Salinger songs, and hope that the books he may have written don't get shredded.

You know what we might have to shred? The Bible. Because apparently, the Bible is way raunchier than we were led to believe. The book about John Edwards, however, is just as raunchy as we were led to believe. And, speaking of politicians doing questionable things, Sarah Palin apparently spent $63k of donations on her own book. But don't worry, she's not a politician anymore, so it's not illegal. Maybe we should keep her off this list of writing ladies and their processes, some of whom were hypochondriac writers. It's too bad they didn't have distraction-free, ambient noise writing before now.

While we're on politics, I should mention this article about Terry Pratchett's stance on euthanasia, and this new book about the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. There's also the coal company co-opting the Lorax, and this list of great literary stepmothers—they're not all bad, you know. Don't be a hater.

See you all next week, and don't eat too much Superbowl junk food (unless you are inviting me over, of course).



    (er, and screw Macmillan.)

    Thanks for the links. Try not to hurt yourself this weekend!

  2. Tere--I made no promises as to safety, especially since I plan on eating the most wings anyone has ever eaten in the history of time on Sunday. But I will try...

  3. Come on over the beer will be cold and the meat will be hot. Who Dat!

  4. Two things:

    1.) I never understood why Salinger was referred to as a "recluse". I grew up in Plainfield NH and ran into him about once a week - usually at the town store. They guy just didn't want to be bothered with questions about his books. Nice to us kids though.

    2.) Has there ever been a sermon on the Song of Solomon? This is definitely a hot read.

  5. You realize, Eric, that as long as you post once every M-F, Laura's Round Up will co-opt every significant bloggiversary -- all of them being multiples of fives. Unless you want to start celebrating posts that are prime numbers.

    Oo, I should do that!