Friday, October 15, 2010

Abridged PMN-English Dictionary, 1st Edition

Laura is unavailable today, mes auteurs, so I've decided to provide you with my own brand of Friday frivolity.

My own personal lingo is occasionally difficult to disentangle from accepted industry jargon, so I present to you, bros and she-bros, for the very first time: The Abridged Pimp My Novel-English Dictionary, First Edition.

À mon avis: "In my opinion" (French). Qualifies statements as the author's opinion rather than fact.

Bro: 1. Friend (male); term signifying ebrotional attachment. (See also she-bro.) 2. Lexeme substituted for a phonetically similar lexeme in appropriate man-related contexts. E.g. "Broseph Stalin," "brofessional boxing," "brotal victory." Non-man-related contexts (e.g. "Jacqueline Kennedy Bronassis") are to be avoided.

Irrespectively: The opposite of "respectively"; used to correct the sense of a sentence rather than completely rewriting that sentence. E.g. "Bob and Sue are my she-bro and bro, irrespectively."

Mega: Prefix or modifier amplifying the ensuing noun or adjective in size, extent, manner, or degree. E.g. "megajerk," "mega awesome."

Meine Autoren: "My authors" (German). A term of endearment.

Mes auteurs: "My authors" (French). A term of endearment.

Ninja: Adjective. Synonymous with "awesome." E.g. "I'll have that ninja burger that comes with bacon and bleu cheese."

Readeurs: "Readers (male)" (Franglish).

Readeuses: "Readers (female)" (Franglish).

She-bro: Friend (female); a term of endearment.

If I've left out any definitions (which, by definition, I have, this being an abridged edition), please ask in the comments and I'll attempt to clarify!


  1. What? no "Tweeps" as a term of endearment? I'm trying to recall the terminology we used in lieu of real words back in the 60's, but because it was back in the 60's, I can't remember.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  2. I check in with your blog daily, and j'adore your terms of endearment for us autoren, mon frere. Ta!

  3. That guy in the shorts and suspenders up in the Alps... does he bro-del? And when he comes to America and needs a cheap motel, is it Bro-tel 6?

  4. Don't forget the my all time favorite to describe a dude-friendship...the bromance :)

  5. I've already been using mega, but I'm so going to borrow irrespectively and ninja!

    And this from person who doesn't have English as native language, though uses it all the time at work and private. Think I'll confuse my Portuguese and Spanish colleagues, again ;-)