Friday, October 22, 2010

E-Round Up

Friday is round up day with Laura from Combreviations:

Hello, Eric's auteurs, and welcome to the sometimes intermittent but always super charming (question mark?) Friday round up. And what a round up it is! A secret Dr. Seuss manuscript was found, not to be confused with the secret Stieg Larsson manuscript. These should also not be confused with the secret to Mitt Romey's best-seller-hood, or the secret of which authors write in the buff. But if they're naked, at least we can see their common literary tattoos, right? Eh? I bet Simon Cowell has a secret literary tattoo—he is the man British women would most like to see a romance novel about, after all. Attention British women: I don't understand you.

What I do understand is that we all need to cool our jets about 3D. 3D book covers? Preposterous! The Nook to be sold in Walmart? Scandalous! Borders to launch a self publishing platform? Inconceivable! George Bush having a boring book trailer? ...Actually, yea, I can see that. Let's redirect to what models read, and the new cover for the grown up Sweet Valley book, and all agree that reading is hip and sexy.

Speaking of hip and sexy, check out these literary Halloween costume ideas. The Man in the Yellow Hat? Adorbs! What, you find that conflicting? Not as conflicting as critics find James Franco's book of short stories, or I find this $97 e-book.

As we close for the day, friends and foes, I have to say that I saw this interview with Andrea Cremer and thought, hurray, I sort of e-know you! Congrats to Andrea, and to all of you: get some sweet Internet interviews so I can link to them. Happy Friday!


  1. Please rest assured that not all British Women would like a romance novel about Simon Cowell. Eww.

  2. Thank you Ailsa. They didn't say if they polled SOBER British women. They also didn't say if the pollster was American. Yanks notoriously don't get irony...

  3. Thanks, Laura :) I'm still proud of my "blesions" winning term from Friday round-up.