Friday, October 29, 2010

The (Not Very) Halloween Round Up

Today's Friday round up, from Laura:

Hello friends and foes! I found this free online rhyming dictionary, and was going to make us all suffer in verse today. But then I thought, no, that's cruel. So instead, we're going to be jealous of others. Good? Good.

James Patterson became the second author to sell a million e-books, which is almost as impressive as Stephen King making $80,000 off of an e-novella. The Whiting Foundation gave out awards to some very lucky (and deserving) young authors, and Danny DeVito gets to be the Lorax in the new 3D movie adaptation. Congratuations, all you people, I'm super jealous. I would be great at speaking for the trees!

It turns out, contrary to popular belief, being a prolific writer doesn't mean you suck. It also turns out Keith Richards has some good tips to help keep you alive. But don't worry—you can still buy books while drunk. There's a new color Nook out, for all of your picture viewing needs—just hope that B&N doesn't have the Amazon problem of selling e-books in the wrong territories. Technology creates problems we never thought we'd have, friends, and would make Twitter addicts out of some great literary characters. Technology also helps us print books, as the great Rejectionist points out.

So, friends and foes, remember to dress up your dog as a literary character for Halloween, and have a good weekend (and a safe/happy holiday)!


  1. For the record, I did something I never do, which is pre-order the Nook Color. PC Magazine had a good review, and honestly, I've been searching for a replacement of my eBookwise, and the feature I can't see giving up is the back light. Until someone comes out with an 'a la carte' way to buy a reader, I know I'm giving up other features to get the one that's important to me -- and also getting more features than I really want.

    We'll see what happens once it arrives. And if I really don't like it, Hubster's been looking for a reader that does color for his scientific journal and magazine subscriptions.

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    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  2. I was interested to learn, from a best selling writer, that when a reader highlights anything in an e-book the author knows what it is.
    Kind of spooky, methinks!