Friday, January 21, 2011

The Round Up and Up

Yet another Friday round up with Laura:

This week was great, friends and foes. We got the top ten dead bodies in literature, the top ten best beards in books, and Joss Whedon explained WTF is up with the Buffy graphic novels (there are tons of spoilers, followers who made it past the TV show). Sure, autocorrections are a pain, and hey, maybe the Bible is influencing your speech patterns more than you thought, but Bob Dylan is putting out six books. Six! That's a lot of Dylan. I'm going to bring my homemade book handbag when I get invited to the launch party.

Hello, techie friends. Have you learned your Amazon ABCs? If not, here are some tips for Kindle newbies (not n00bs, heaven forbid), and a how-to for Kindle book publishing. Did we all see the Kobo reader on The Office? Reading: it happens on TV sometimes. There's also some debate about ebooks impacting territories and the usual book piracy and sales convo, but I was watching television and totally missed all of that jazz. I didn't miss the new excerpts from the Obama fictionalization, which is making people ask: why are Washington novels so bad? Maybe the answer can be found in JFK's application to Harvard.

I'm off to do "other things," reader types, but besos to you, and see you next week!


  1. Wow, what a list of yummy tidbits.

  2. The Kobo on the Office was great. An employee of a paper company buying an e-reader? Oh the irony!

  3. I live in DC, so thanks for the link about terrible Washington novels :)

  4. ...not complaining - much. Been talking to many about the ebook thing and yes, more and more are doing it. I hear how they like the free & low cost books - great! And then the author shall count her/his pennies and maybe be able to buy a cup of coffee? The pricing on ebooks is low & how low can you go? That's a thought. p.s. referred to a couple of your blogging commandants on the air last night (show: author's blogging)

  5. "Grief" is an acclaimed Washington novel. I found it interesting.